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Diana Judelson sings songs at competition " Fly Heat - a bird "
Диана Юдельсон
Diana sings a song "HALLILUJA" in a Hebrew
Diana sings a song "ОБЕЩАНИЕ (The promise) ", Composer Vladimir Hvojnitsky

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The decision of professional jury Diana has passed in the ending of competition of young executors " Fly, the Firebird " which takes place in September, 2008 together with stars of a platform.
Was born on June, 11th, 1996.
Studies in 5-th class of the Riga school of name Shimona Dubnova,
is engaged at teacher Nikolay Bochkun.
In 2007 Diana has borrowed 1 place in a category "Solo" at city vocal competition "Do-re-mi".
Except for singing, Diana is engaged in dances (the participant of collective Maagal), Drawing (the picture " exodus" is exposed in Poland ),
studying of English language ,
has 4-th category on a chess,
is engaged in manufacturing of jeweller ornaments from stones under a sensitive management favourite of Ellochki Alperovich. .




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